Aastra Completes Take Over of Ericsson Enterprise.

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Welcome to Unitel

UNITEL is a Local supplier of telecommunications solutions, the company focuses on five main business areas:

Wired Communications Networks which include a vast range of products for the enterprise from Ericsson (a world leader in this field).
Wireless Networks which incorporate microwave transmission systems with products such as Mini Link E, Mini Link Traffic Node and Marconi Long Haul
Fiber Transmission Systems including supply and laying of cables, jointing, testing, and installation of optical transmission equipment
Video Conferencing Systems utilizing Tandberg Video Conferencing products.
Software Solutions related to our communications systems and services.

Established and registered in 1980 in Amman, Jordan. UNITEL is a private shareholding company specialized in the design, implementation, and support of various types of communications and software solutions. UNITEL is a leader in this field with vast experience accumulated over the years through the execution of some of the most prestigious projects in Jordan and is able to utilize the latest available technologies to provide solutions for everyday telecommunications needs and software solutions.

UNITEL is a provider of fully integrated telecommunication solution packages, designed to specifically fit each customer’s individual requirements. These solutions are implemented internally through many phases; including System Engineering, Design, Supply, Installation, Supervision, Testing, and Commissioning.

Our Mission:

Is to consolidate our position as the leading solutions supplier be it in telecommunications or software engineering and to enhance our strong reputation as a services company among both our existing and prospective customers, the biggest challenge facing UNITEL is meeting the demands of the continuously evolving industry and successfully implementing state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Objectives:

• Identifying the important role our products and services have concerning the functioning of our clients’ businesses, thus ensuring the provision of up-to-date solutions as well as fast, high quality services that serve specific customer needs and have a key role in our clients’ growth and success.

• Recognizing the important role that customer satisfaction has in building strong relationships with our clients, through providing high quality solutions that are designed and implemented to fit customer requirements and urgent response to any changes in these requirements.

• Investing in the continuous growth and development of our organization, whether through employee empowerment, the development of employees’ knowledge and skills, or optimizing internal systems and processes.

Customer Support Services:

Regardless of the size of your business and needs, UNITEL will provide you quality services such as system installation and network integration, training new users, a strong after-sales service, as well as providing both helpful and informative answers to all enquiries and requests of both existing and prospective customers turning them into strong advocates of our business and the services it provides.

Building strong relationships with our customers through understanding their needs and providing them with individual attention is a priority to everyone within our organization and is paramount to both our past and future success within our field of work.

UNITEL has proved to be a reliable business partner. Quality of Service forms a substantial part of the company’s philosophy when dealing with its various clients.

It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to profile our products and services to your good selves. Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by UNITEL has been meeting the demands of the continually evolving market and offering the most practical solutions. The significance of UNITEL is having the capability of providing complete turnkey solutions with great emphasis on after sales support.


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